The research to which we are inviting to participate belongs to a collaboration between the Applied Neurobiology Unit (UNA) of the Center for Medical Education and Clinical Research "Norberto Quirno" (CEMIC-CONICET) (Argentina), and the School of Technology of the University from Delft (Netherlands). The principal investigators of it are Dr. Sebastián J. Lipina and Dr. Derek Lomas.

The objective of our research is to analyze those aspects of cognitive and emotional development that participate in the regulation of behavior and learning during childhood and pre-adolescence.

For this research we will invite many families with children between 5 and 14 years old to participate. The participation of each family, which is voluntary, requires the performance of two activities at home through the use of any electronic device. We will ask:

  1. That your child or pre-adolescent complete a series of tests that are presented as digital games. These tests are necessary to know how children and pre-teens express their cognitive and emotional skills. We must anticipate that the results of these tests have no clinical value. We group the information of many children and pre-adolescents, and analyze their performance as a group. In other words, these activities do not serve to make psychological diagnoses but rather to learn how children and pre-adolescents solve problems.

  2. That you complete a questionnaire about the characteristics of the home and about the habitual behavior of your child or pre-adolescent at home. This information will help us to identify different types of development experiences for different children and pre- adolescents.

In 6, 12 and 18 months we will again invite families to carry out these same activities in order to assess these aspects of cognitive and emotional development over time.

None of these activities imply a risk to the health and rights of you and your children. All the procedures we propose respect the regulations that protect the rights of people when they participate in investigations. Likewise, the participation of your child or pre-adolescent necessarily involves your presence or eventually of other member of your family. This means that you or your children or pre-adolescents can stop participating in the research when you consider it appropriate to do so.

Tasks information and questionnaires will be treated confidentially to protect the identity of all participants. This means that each name will be associated with an alpha-numeric code and from then on that will be the information to be used in the databases. Everything will be stored on servers and computers that meet the minimum requirements for digital information security. The information we generate will be used only to produce scientific publications and presentations. In such communications, the confidentiality of the identity of the participants will continue to be respected.

This study has been evaluated and approved by the Ethics Committee of the CEMIC, Argentina.

If you have any questions about the characteristics of the study and the rights of the participants, you can contact the coordinators of this study (Dr. Sebastián Lipina) at the following email address:

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